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At Cornerstone Insurance, we believe in simplifying the complex world of insurance for you. With hundreds of insurance companies vying for your attention, navigating through the options can be overwhelming. That’s where our dedicated team steps in.


We provide the best insurance policy

At Cornerstone Insurance, we’ve got you covered across the entire spectrum of insurance fields. From health and life to property and auto, our comprehensive range ensures that your unique insurance needs are met with expertise and care. Trust us as your one-stop destination for all-encompassing protection.

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Talon went above and beyond to find us the best coverage with a new firm. He was persistent is asking the right questions and ensuring the coverage fit our specific needs. He was diligent in answering my million questions as well! I truly appreciate Talon’s time and patience in providing me peace of mind that our insurance is now how it should be.

- Carrie J.

Talon made the process of getting a quote and switching our auto insurance so very stress free and he was able to save us about $600 so definitely worth letting him give you a free quote!! 

- Kristi B.

Talon has helped my clients secure great coverage that fits their budget and needs, and does so in the kindest and most professional way. His expertise in the cattle & ranching arena is invaluable. I am always confident he’ll treat them well. Talon is a great partner in the real estate business! 

- Rachel N.

I reached out and was able to work with Talon. He did the work and made any and all updates, changes, reviews and research that I asked of him and needed more insight on. He educated and made sure to make actual contact to go over things. In the end we we were able to get into a multi policy with a good company and we now feel secure. Thank you Talon!

- Andrea O.

Talon Alexander

Independent Insurance Agent


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